Not Just Another Writer’s Day

galapagosToday was beautiful. It was a perfect Saturday. The sun warmed me on my hour’s walk to get some sweet potatoes with marshmallows. Nothing like some soul food to fight the numbing sensation of writer’s block that has been brought on by, well, life’s afflictions.

Oh, yes, these are the days that I dread. The beauty of my surroundings is swallowed by darkness. And yet a few hours’ extra sleep might just help me shake off the blues that stick me to the bed. Hate days like this. Too beautiful to feel trapped under the blanket. So just one more hour and I will muster the strength to get up, walk to the kitchen and make myself a large mug of coffee. It will be the strongest cup of coffee that I can make. It will make me happy.

In just a bit I venture out with sunglasses in hand. Yes, the sun is bright and warm but the rays might blind me.

Yet a  few steps forward and I can breathe again. Not bad. Not bad at all.

This writer’s block will go away as long as respire fresh air and  break free from the Grim Reaper’s grasp trying to muffle my stories.

Oh yes, I will write again. And I will enjoy the sun and follow the shadows through whichever path the words will lead me to the light.

Perhaps these pictures can help me on my way. Oh, I write again.


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