The Winding Road to DreamTown Is Paved with Hope Along the Way

Soccer Documentary on Players from El Chota, Ecuador

Following Your Heart to DreamTown.

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” Thomas Jefferson

Lately, I find myself inspired awhile feeling a sense of frustration, so I find it appropriate to quote good ole T. Jefferson. Smart guy. Actually his is a poetically profound statement. Life’s success or failure is a matter of attitude. Right? oh yes, I say.

Well, on this summer evening I’m enjoying the calming breeze as I write from my back porch reflecting on my experiences as a child, where I come from and the socio-economic, class and racial divides of a equatorial country along the Andes that too often goes forgotten, by the world and its own people. Deep thoughts I know. But that is exactly where inspiration comes from, the personal – – it is universal. So, what better way to change people’s attitudes for positive change than with what us artists do – -storytelling. Empowering, Uniting, Inspiring…. I could go on. But really, this is a story of hope and one that aims to touch the hearts of aspiring soccer players for generations, their communities, and simply anyone along the way who has a dream  to achieve beyond their limitations. Yes, it is about  the power of a hopeful and committed attitude.

DreamTown, an inspiring documentary, follows three generations of soccer players from my beloved Ecuador while shedding light on what too often is unspoken in a very ethnically diverse country, racism. The province of Esmeraldas has been home to Afro-Ecuadorians for centuries, and within its tropical lands  this community has long struggled against poverty and recognition – – it’s place as a relevant corner in a country blessed with the best cacao, flowers and natural resources in the world.

The story evolves from the town of La Chota, where hope arises from generations of burned dreams, for this is a land so special that it has united a divided country. Yes, many will argue that Ecuador is a united front, that people are proud and all inclusive. I argue for the truth. And, the truth is that for the first time the skill and passion of a people, marginalized for too long, brought unity to a community that had been lost to despair. Soccer…. Goals… The World Cup for the first time, then a second time, and now the hope for the future at the feet of the people of La Chota. All due to the power of an attitude that needs to be shared loudly for it will move you to see smiling faces and the vicious cycle of poverty broken with a the power of the right attitude – – reaching for a goal!

NOW, this IS a story to be told and communities have the power to help spread the message of how attitudes can transform communities and offer hope and a future to those committed to their dreams.

There are only a few days left for DREAMTOWN to reach its funding goal to complete this compelling project, and while the business of filmmaking may be long and hard, the winding road to DreamTown could be paved with hope along the way, that you get inspired and get involved. Visit: DREAMTOWN


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