The Power of Green for Films that Matter

Daniel Maldonado on the set of Lalo, Winner of Best Short in the HBO/NY Latino Independent Film Festival in 2010

Are you trapped in urban isolation and lost physically and spiritually? Do you feel society’s human, personal touch is being eroded by technology?  You are not alone. And because statistics indicate that 1 out of 110 children are affected by autism, this film is sure to matter to you, as all these themes are explored in H.O.M.E., a feature-length film by Daniel Maldonado, Winner of the Best Short at the 2010 HBO/NY Latino Independent Film Festival.  

The film will star Jeremy Ray Valdez, La Mission, as Danny, a young man affected by Asperger’s Syndrome who disappears into the NYC subway system.  

Want to see H.O.M.E.?  Well, you may know that independent filmmaking can be, umm, frustrating during the funding stage. But fear not! Daniel adds juice to his creative process and pulls in a team of producers and talent that can make it happen. You can become part of the creative process too. Get behind what matters – – your causes, your stories, your artists. It is as simple as checking out IndieGoGo and adding some green to H.O.M.E’s production. The color green is about making it happen, from Green Lit to funding… 

Actor Jeremy Ray Valdez is the recipient of the 2010 Imagen Award for Best Actor in La Mission (opposite Benjamin Bratt) seen in the official 2011Sundance Film Festival Selection.

AUTISM IS RELEVANT: According to the non-profit organization Autism Speaks, Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of high functioning autism, is characterized by “socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior, the inability to interact successfully with peers, repetitive routines or rituals”, among others. Asperger’s often goes “undetected until a child is school age because it can generally only be determined based on a child’s social interactions.”


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