Summer blues

Galapagos, Ecuador

Dance with the Blue Footed Booby

On a perfectly gorgeous summer day, the $20 cab ride to Wall Street didn’t seem as painful to my wallet after seeing this promo on the side of a tourist bus in Downtown NYC. It brought back wonderful memories of my high school graduation gift to the Galapagos from my parents.

For anyone who has been to the Galapagos Islands, you know just how rampant the blue-footed boobies are – – dancing and hanging out with you on the beach. Ah…. Those memories linger from a time just a couple of decades ago, like it were yesterday. Actually right now. Wish I were there, this second.

For those of you who have heard plenty in your science classes or read about Darwin’s theory of evolution, you’ll be delighted to know that there is plenty more to see than the centuries’ old gigantic turtles. Different colored sands – – pink , gold and black beaches- – mango groves, finches, flamingoes and… – – those cute, tiny pinguins. But, let me not forget the complacent, spitting iguanas. Or, how about those lazy sea lions awaiting the catch of the day?

While Galapagos has changed since I visited as a teen, with modern paved roads lined with plentiful shops and its growing population, it remains captivating. Peaceful, gorgeous tones of turquoise and cobalt blues are dashed throughout, from the little feet of these lovely birds to the blue waters welcoming their dives. Oh, and yes, how can I forget to mention the skies a blue…


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